This Web site is dedicated to our very special friend, coach, leader, and teacher

Coach Ken Anderson

And in Memory of Jenni Kirwan
Athlete, Cheerleader, Student, and Friend.

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New Ideas

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Useful Hints

Making Printouts of Rosters and/or Schedules

There are two ways to make a printout of a rosters or schedules, the easy way is to go to page with with the information you want and simply select print (usually an icon of a printer) from your browser. However, you will probably get more than just the information you want - you will get the everything that is on that page.

The second way is to press your left mouse button on the top left hand corner of the area you want to print, hold the button down, and drag it down until the area you want is completely highlighted. Then select COPY from the menu bar, and data you highlighted is in the clipboard. From there open your favorite word processor or NOTEPAD and select paste from the menu bar. Wala, you have the information you want. From here you can print it, change it, save it, or do whatever you want.

What to do about taking so long to load the information

One of the most frustrating things about today's World Wide Web, is having to wait for things to load. The Kaneland Knights pages are no different. If you want a colorful, graphical, fun, and interesting site, then each item needs to be loaded from the server unto your PC. Depending on the speed of your modem, it can take a few seconds to a few minutes. We tried to make the downloading as quick as a possible while making the pages fun and exciting.

The best way around this problem to scroll through the page while it is loading. Usually the text will load first, and as a rule that is what you are most interested in. Read the text while the graphics are loading - then go back and enjoy the whole subject once it is fully downloaded.

Another key piece of information, is you browser (AOL, Netscape, or Explore) will store in memory your most current downloads. So, if you return to an area you have recently downloaded it should appear on your screen very quickly. Try it!

Underlined Items

Whenever you see underlined text, it means you can click on it to find more information on that item. Also, some graphics have information - you can see if they have hot spots by moving your cursor over the item. If the cursor changes (usually to a hand) then you can click on it to go to a new location.


The Kaneland Athletic Department can be reached by dialing 365-5100 x 157. Leigh Jaffke Athletic Director.

Our Sponsor

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