Kaneland Athletics Score on the Net

September 21, 1996

Announcing the newly created Kaneland Knights Web site. The Kaneland Athletic department has gone to the net. That's www.knights.elnet.com. Here you will find schedules, team rosters, scores, stories of the games, TV schedules, standings, photos, quotes from the coaches and players, directions to games, and in the future recordings and video clips. Virtually everything you want to know about Kaneland sports. All in one central location, and kept like a time capsule for future generations to review.

Now, alumni can follow today's Kaneland athletes, from wherever they are, anywhere in the world. Grandpa and Grandma in Florida can see how their grandchildren are doing. Now for the first time in Kaneland's history you can find out how all Kaneland athletes are doing from just one place.

Jill Holmes Kaneland's Athletic Director says, "Man are we lucky, this gives us one of the best High School Internet sites in the state - if not the best. I just hope the kids can get access to it, because once they do, they're in for a treat. This makes it much easier to follow Kaneland sports."

"This gives everyone a central point of contact, as well as a vehicle where they can communicate their ideas, complaints, and questions directly to the Athletic Department", states Rob Wenz the creator of the new web page. "In addition kids can be out of town and still log in to find out what happened at school.

"What I like, is it ties sports, school and computers together. It gives kids an extra incentive to sit down and use the computer. They are learning the computer, reading, calculating, and communicating with other people, while having fun. If they don't have a computer, well, maybe this can help be the motivating factor in getting one. Also the school and local libraries are currently or about to become Internet ready. To help out, elNet will be offering classes on how to use the Internet."

The site will cover all Kaneland High School sports for girls and boys, but will focus on varsity sports. There are also links to Kaneland alumni who are having successful sports careers after Kaneland like Don Beebe and Mark Eddington. "This is just the beginning", predicts Wenz. " Shortly the High School will have a site, then the Middle School and KESA is already on line. The Internet could well become as big as telephone, and Kaneland will be there for all to see, and hopefully for all of time".

There are also plans to closely link the site to the community sport programs, so young athletes can easily follow high school and varsity sports too.

The Knight's site was done through the support of local Internet provider elNet. elNet has been instrumental in getting local organizations up and running on the WEB. Because of elNet local area sports on the World Wide Web is not new to Elburn. Rural Kane County Basketball League has just created a site www.rkc.elburn.com and this summer a local baseball team had a site.

As an added incentive to kickoff the new web page, elNet is offering the first month of service free to anyone who calls and mentions "www.knights.elnet.com". This offer is good until year end.