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Review of the 1999-00 Kaneland Boys Basketball Season

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2000 - 2001 KANELAND
Boys Basketball First Half

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Game 1
Huntley 68 Kaneland 51

The Knights got off to a bad start only scoring 9 points to Huntley's 21. In the second quarter they were able to keep up a little better scoring 12 points to Huntley's 18. But they still had a 18 point defeset to overcome. In the third quarter the knights out scored Huntley 12-10. As the Knights tried to inch closer Huntley answered back with 19 points in the fourth quarter. The knights were able to keep up in the forth with 18 points, but were not able to overcome Huntley's 17 point lead.

High scores for the knights were Joe Montanez with 15 points, Rob Biertiz with 10 points and Pat Albrecht with 8 points.

All in all Kaneland lost 51 to 68.

The Sophomores did much better against Huntley. The defeated Huntley 41-26. Bringing their record to 1-0, and their conference record to 0-0. High scorers were Shawn McKeown with 20 points, Scott Miller with 6 points and Brent Harner with 5 points.

Game 2
Kaneland 61 Yorkville 52

The Knights opened their Suburban Prarie Conference season on the road with a 64-52 victory over the Yorkville Foxes. Bieritz led the Knights' attack with 19 points as he was one of four Kaneland players to score 10 or more points. Pat Albrecht scored 11 points, and both Shawn Fuller, and Joe Montanez scored 10 points.

The teams were tied at 13-13 after one quarter, and there were four more ties before the Knights took a four point lead with 3:38 left in the first half. The Knights led by 6 before settling for a 32-28 halftime lead. In the third quarter the Foxes closed the lead. With 3:27 left in the third the score was 37-35. The Knights regrouped to lead 47-37 after three quarters, and led 52 39 with 6:32 left in the game after Bieritz fourth three pointer of the game. The Knights win the conference game 61-52.

The Sophomores came out a little slow with 8 points to Yorkville's 12. The next three quarters would be dominated by the Knights. Final score was 45-44. Bringing their conference record to 1-0. High scoreres for the night were Kevin Probst with 15 points, Matt Durrenberger, and Scott Miller both scored 8 points.

Game 3
Kaneland 54 Ridgewood 47

The Knights opened up with a great start scoring 11 points to Ridgewood's 7. The Knights dominated the enitre game outscoring Ridgewood every quarter of the game. The Knights walk away with a 56-47 victory. Bringing their conference record to 2-0.

Wayne Shaw led the Knights team with 15 points, Rob Biertiz scored 14 points. Rounding out the top three high scoreres was Joe Montanez with 11 points.

The Sophomres had a great open out scoring Ridgewood 10-2. The second quarter Ridgewood would answer back ourscoring the Knights 11-6. The Knights were outscored in the third quarter also, 8-4. The Knights rebounded in the fourth quarter scoring 12 points to Ridgewoods 5. Kevin Probst led the pack scoring 15 points, Shawn McKeown scored 8 points and Brent Harner scored 5.

Game 4
Kaneland 60 Lemont 52

The Knights are off to one of the best starts they have had since 1995. Pat Albrecht stepped up for the Knights as Shawn Fuller is out with an injury. Albrecht delivered with a blocked shot late in the Knights' 60-53 Suburban Prarie Conference victory over Lemont. Lemont took the lead 48-46, but was outscored 14-5 from that point on. Kaneland allowed Lemont into the game in the first and fourth quarters but finished out the game strong The Knigts took advantage of their speed for much of the game, running the floor on Lemont. Overall the Knights came out triumphant defeating Lemont 60-52.

Wayne Shaw led three Kaneland players in double figures with 16 points as the Knights remain unbeaten in their conference. Scott Pitstick added 11 points, and Rob Bieritz had 10 for the Knights.

The Sophomores also defeated Lemont 47-29. The Knights dominated the game outscoring Lemont in all 4 quarters. High scorers were Kevin Probst with 12, Shawn McKeown with 10, and Brent Harner with 9.

Game 5
Sycamore 72 Kaneland 42

The Knights suffered in the first quarter falling to sycamore 17-8. The Knights hung onto Sycamore in the second and third quarters, but could never overcome the 17-8 deficit from the first quarter. In the forth quarter the knights were outscored 28-11 and lost to Sycamore 72-42.

Wayne Shaw led the Knights with 14 points, Pat Albrecht added 13 more, and Rob Bieritz scroed 7 points. This game brings the nights record to 3-2, and their conference record to 3-1.

The Sophomores also fell to Sycamore losing 52-43. The Knights fell behind in the first quarter 7-12. The rallied in the second and third quarter outscoring Sycamore 26-18. But Sycamore answered back in the forth quarter dominating 22-10. Shawn McKeon led the Knights scoring with 22 points, Kevin Probst brought in 6 points, Josh Jordan and Brent Harner both added 4.

Game 6
Westmont 70 Kaneland 57

The Knights were faced with two injuries Friday night. Shawn Fuller was still injured, and Ryan Schrader out with knee surgery. The Knights got off to a good start with a 14-14 tie after the first quarter. Kaneland led by 5 points. In the second quarter the Knights suffered, having two players injured and Rob Bieritz in foul trouble, getting 3 fouls in the first 6 minutes 25 seconds of the game. The Knights were never able to come back from Westmonts lead and lost 70-57.

Wayne Shaw stepped up with 18 points, Joe Montanez added 13, and Rob Bieritz scored 11 points for the Knights. Their conference record is now at 3-2.

The Sophomores came out tirumphant against Westmont defeating them 48-37. The Knights fell in the first quarter 4-7, but outscored Westmont the rest of the game. Kevin Probst led the Knights with 10 points, Josh Jordan and Brent Harner both added 8, Shawn McKeown and Danny Deking both added 7. The Knights conference record now 4-1.

Game 7
Riverside Brookfield 66 Kaneland 53

Kaneland got off to a rocky start scoring only half as many points as their opponent 22-11. The Knights rallied back 19-9 in the second quarter. In the third quarter the Knights fell yet again being outscored 18-7. They hung in with Riverside Brookfield in the fourth quarter 16-17, but could not come over the deficit they had gotten themselves into.

Joe Montanez led the Knights in scoring with 15 points, right behind him was Wayne Shaw with 13, and Scott Pitstick added 11 points. The Knights Conference record now 3-3.

The Sophomores defeated Riverside Brookfield 46-36. The Knights outscored Riverside Brookfield in all four quarters. Kevin Probst boosted the Knights with 17 points, Brent Harner added 11, and Shawn McKeown added 7 more. The Knights conference record now 5-1.

Sophomore Somonauk Christmas Tournament

Kaneland 53 Plano 31

The Knights stommped all over Plano. They outscored Plano in every quarter of the game. Leading scoreers for the Knights were Shawn McKeown with 15 points, Both Danny DeKing, and Kevin Probst added 8 more points. The Knights advance to the next round.

Kaneland 58 Somonauk 31

The Knights dominated Somonauk. They outscored Somonauk every quarter of the game. Leading scoreers for the Knights were Josh Jordan with 11 points, Scott Miller with 9 points, and both Kevin Probst, and Eric Snyder added 8 to the Knights score.

Kaneland 52 Newark 44

The Knights win again. Newark didn't stand a chance against our fierce Knights. The Knights came out with a slow start being outscored 15-5. The Knights stepped up in the second quarter out scoring Newark 13-11. They would outscore Newark the remainder of the game to win 52-44. Leading scorers were Kevin Probst with 19 points, Eric Snyder with 9 points, and Shawn McKeown with 8 points. The Knights advance to the Championship.

Mendota 52 Kaneland 44

The Championship game. The Knights start off a little slow falling to Mendota 12-9. The Knights rebound in the second quarter. In the third quarter the nights wer outscored again 14-10. The Knights could not recover after that and fell to Mendota 52-44. Leading scorers for the knights were Eric Snyder with 11, Kevin Probst with 9, and Brent Harner with 7.

38th Plano Christmas Classic

Kaneland 69 Earlville 51

The Kaneland Knights started out slow due to shortened warm ups but sparked by Scott Pitstick, who hit three baseline three’s in first quarter the Knights romped to a 69-51 victory over Earlville in the first game of the Plano Christmas tournament. The Knights advance to Thursday afternoons next round game vs either Aurora Christian.

Earlville packed into a 2-3 zone for most of the game and the outside shooting of the Knights eventually opened up the middle for the Kaneland offense. The Knights displayed good well balanced scoring with 10 players scoring in the victory. Scott Pitstick led all scorers with 17, including 5 three pointers. Pitstick could have had 20 in this one, but didn't play much of the 4th quarter due to the rout.

Wayne Shaw scored on a beautiful feed from Schrader that gave Kaneland its first lead at 12-10. Kaneland led 15-10 after one quarter and never looked back.

After that the Red Raiders defense had to step out to try and stop the Knights outside shooters and the Kaneland “big men” took over inside. Matt Clement scored 12 points with Pat Albrecht’s 6 and Joe Heyob 7 to dominate inside. Shaw and Robbie Biertz continually took their men off the dribble to set up the inside scorers. Kaneland cruised to a 33-17 half-time lead.

This was a good team victory from Kaneland who played good defense and hit their open shots. But Thursdays matchup with Aurora Christian will be much more difficult.

Kaneland 54 Aurora Christian 44

The Kaneland Knights kept grinding away on the defence end against Aurora Christian, and their efforts were successful as the fourth-seeded Knights knocked of the Eagles. The Knights advance to the semifinals to take on top-seeded Bureau Valley.

Kaneland dominated the Eagles for most of the game. The Knights opened strong outscoring the Eagles 12-5. Kaneland successfully shut down the Eagles inside game. The Eagles tried to bounce back in the second quarter scoring 16 points to Kaneland's out scoring14. In the third and fourth quarters Kaneland showed the Eagles who was boss, out scoring them 28-23. Final score was 54-44.

Wayne Shaw led the Knights charge on the offensive end with 21 points, including 9 straight points for Kaneland midway through the game.

"It's a different person every game," Shaw said. Coach tells us to take what we can get if we can create, then we create. But most of the time we just work for a good shot.

Rob Bieritz chipped in 11 points for Kaneland. Bieritz not only had the tough task of guarding Jeremy Henderson, but also hit two key three-pointers, one which put the Knights up 37-30 late in the third quarter.

Scott Pitstick also added 7 points for the Knights. Followed closely by Ben Flanders with 6 points, and Shawn Fuller with 5 points.

Bureau Valley 66 Kaneland 38

The Knights were trampled by the Bureau Valley Storm. The Knights struggled against the Storm's press. Bureau Valley pushed out to a 17-7 lead after one quarter. Pat Albrecht's jumper with a little more than five minutes left in the first half ended a five-minute scoring drought for the Knights as they trailed 23-9.

The Storms lead only grew from there. Soon they would lead by 20 points. The Knights tried to play catch up in the second half, but could not overcome the 22 point lead that the Storm had gotten in the first half. Final score 66-38.

Both Robbie Bieritz and Wayne Shaw pulled in 8 points for the Knights. Ryan Scrader and Shawn Fuller both added four more.

Kaneland 60 Plano 49

Kaneland came out with a start that scared everyone. It looked as if the Knights were still thinking about Friday nights game that they lost. The nights trailed 15-4. Kaneland turned on their engines getting back in the game and pulling away in the forth quarter to win 60-49 to take third place in the tournament.

Pat Albracht and Joe Heyob were intregral parts of the game as they came off the bench to chip in 12 and 10 points, respectively. Albrecht hit two jumpers toward the end of the first quarter to keep Kaneland within reach at 19-13.

Then, Rob Bieritz got in the act by scoring Kanelands first nine points of the second quarter. His three-pointer gave the Knights their first lead at 22-21. Bieritz was on his way to a 19-point outgoing.

First Half Summary

The First half of season saw a lot of up and downs for the Knights as they played a little better than .500 ball at 6-5 and 3-3 in the conference. However, there were many signs during the Plano Tournament that indicated the Knights are going to play a higher level of basketball the second half.

In the first half the Knights had 3 players averaging over 10 points a game. Wayne Shaw rang up 12.1 points a game, Joe Montanez is right behind with 11.8 and Rob Bieritz is at 11 points a game. Pat Albrecht scored 8 a game.

Shawn Fuller is the Knights leading rebounder with 6.5 boards a game. Bieritz has 4 and Albrecht 3 a game. Bieritz also leads in steals with 11 and assists with 19.

Other stats of interest is Matt Nelson is 6-for-6 from the line and Bieritz is shooting a whooping 53% on 3-pointers. Bieritz leads the team in shooting percentage with 54.8. Bieritz also leads the team in turnovers and fouls.

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2000-2001 Seniors

2000-2001 Varsity Boys Basketball Roster
Number Name Year Ht. Position
10 Rob Biertiz 12 5'11" G
12 Scott Pitstick 12 5'11" G
22 Ryan Schrader 12 5'8" G
33 Matt Nelson 12 6'1" F
23 Wayne Shaw 12 5'11" G
24 Joe Montanez 11 6'2" G
40 Shawn Fuller 12 6'3" C
44 Pat Albrecht 12 6'4" C
20 Mike Eck 11 5'9" G
21 Ben Flanders 11 5'10" G
34 Matt Clement 11 6'2" F
42 Joe Heyob 11 6'2" C
Coached By: Ken Neahring
Assistant Coach: Scot Schlinger & Rich Vernon

2000-2001 Varsity Boys

2000-2001 Sophomore Boys

2000-2001 Sophomore Boys Basketball Roster
Number Name Ht.
10 Ian Augustine 5'6"
12 Mark Durrenberger 5'8"
20 Scott Miller 5'8"
21 Josh Jordan 6'0"
22 Brent Harner 6'0"
24 Drew Olson 5'6"
30 Rich Mangers 5'10"
32 Danny DeKing 5'1"
33 Kevin Probst 6'1"
40 Shawn McKeown 6'2"
42 Eric Wilson 5'8"
44 Brandon Kemp 5'1"
50 Aaron Etienne 6'0"

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