Review the 1996 Kaneland Volleyball Season

Review the 1997 Kaneland Volleyball Season

Review the 1998 Kaneland Volleyball Season

1999 Kaneland Volleyball Schedule
 Thursday  9-2-99  Richmond Burton  5:00 PM  H
 Saturday  9-4-99  Jacobs Tournament  9:00 AM  A
 Tuesday  9-7-99  Hinckley Big Rock (F/S/V)  5:00 PM  A
 Thursday  9-9-99  Burlington Central (F/S/V)  4:30 PM  A
 Saturday  9-11-99  Guilford (JV)  8:30 PM  A
 Tuesday  9-14-99  Newark  5:00 PM  H
 Thursday  9-16-99  Sycamore  5:00 PM  A
 Tuesday  9-21-99  Evergreen Park  5:30 PM  H
 Thursday  9-23-99  Riverside Brookfield  5:00 PM  H
 Saturday  9-25-99  F/S Tournament  9:00 AM  H
 Thursday  9-30-99  Ridgewood  5:00 PM  A
 Monday  10-4-99  IMSA  5:00 PM  A
 Tuesday  10-5-99  Elmwood Park  5:00 PM  H
 Thursday  10-7-99  Yorkville  5:00 PM  H
 Saturday  10-9-99  Rosary (Varsity)  8:00 AM  A
 Tuesday  10-12-99  Westmont  5:00 PM  A
 Thursday  10-14-99  Lemont  5:00 PM  H
 Saturday  10-16-99  So/Var Crystal Lake Tournament  8:30 AM  A
 Tuesday  10-19-99  Evergreen Park  5:00 PM  A
 Thursday  10-21-99  Serena (F/S/V)  5:00 PM  H
 Saturday  10-23-99  Spikefest-Sandwich (Varsity)  9:00 AM  H
 Monday  10-25-99  IHSA Regionals Begin (Varsity)  TBA  A
 Tuesday  11-02-99  IHSA Sectionals Begin (Varsity)  TBA  A
 Saturday  11-06-99  IHSA Super-Sectionals Begin  TBA  A
 Friday  11-12-99  IHSA State Finals Begin  TBA  A

1999 Volleyball Results

Richmond Burton

The Lady Knights kicked off the season against Richmond Burton impressively taking a 7-0 lead in the first game. They then went on to win 15-9.

In the second game the Knights had what they thought was a commanding 12-7 lead the serve and just 3 points away from victory. But RB scored the last 8 points to force a third game. In the deciding game the Knights found themselves on the backside of the score all game and could not overtake RB finally losing the game 15-11 and the match 2-1 to begin the season 0-1.Season Kickoff

Jessica Johnson had 11 service points for the Knights, Jennifer Harner 10 and Marci Piscitelli 8.

The Sophomores won the last two games 15-12 and 16-14 after losing the opener 11-15. The final game a real nail biter. The Freshman lost 3-15 and 6-15.

Jacobs Tournament

Knights finished 4th in the 8 team tournament. Elizabeth Kresse and Jessica Johnson made the All-Tournament team. The knights lost in the first round to Jacobs, 9-15, 2-15. In the second round they defeated Rockford Jefferson 15-7 and 15-6. In the third round they split with Elgin winning 15-11 and losing 10-15 which advanced the team to the medal rounds where they were defeated by St. Edwards 7-15 and 4-15. In the consolation finals they fell to Stevenson 8-15 and 7-15 placing fourth.

Hinckley Big Rock

The lady Knights cruised to an easy victory (15-5) in the opener at Hinckley Big Rock but found themselves in a tough fight with the Royals in the final match. Falling behind early they came back to tie at 7, move to a 14-7 lead and finally stopped a determined comeback winning 15-11. It was a good evening with wins on all levels and almost all the girls had extensive floor time. Melanie Proctor completed 15 of her 17 serves with 7 service points. Lynda Gould had 6 of 7 with 5 service points. Katherine Neahring had 7 of 9 attacks including 4 kills with Lyndsay Michalek placing 9 of her 11 with 4 kills.

A strong sophomore team won two easy matches 15-4 and 15-3. The freshman played three winning the first 15-6, losing the second 2-15 and winning the meet with a 15-8 final match.

Burlington Central

It was an exciting night of volleyball with two well matched teams constantly exchanging the lead. In the first match the teams trading points until the score reached 7 all and Kaneland ran a streak of six unanswered points, winning 15-11. The second match was a reverse copy of the first with the Rockets having a 7 point run to win 15-9. The exciting final match, in which the lead changed ten times went to Burlington 16-14.

Stephanie Studdard led in all three major stat areas with 4 kills, 7 assists and 11 serves including 8 Aces. Melanie Proctor had 5 assists. Jennifer Harner, Stacy Hislop, and Katherine Neahring each had 5 service points.

The sophomore Knights Won 15-13, Lost 11-15 and Lost the final match 7-15. The Freshman lost both matches 15-7 and 15-3.

Rockford Guilford JV Tournament

The Junior Varsity team finished second at the ten team Guilford Invitational. They split with Rockford Guilford losing 4-15 and winning 15-2. In the second round they defeated Rockford Christian 15-5 and 15-11. Dixon was another split with a 15-9 victory followed by a 1-15 lose. A double win 15-6, 15-2 over North Boone placed them in the finals against volleyball power East Moline which defeated the Knights 15-8 and 15-3.


NewarkThe Knights dropped two close games to Newark 15-12 and 15-13. The girls were losing 6 to 13 in the second game when they made a seven point run tying the score at 13. Unfortunately the drive fell two points short ending the evening. Stephanie Studdard lead the team with 4 kills,10 assists and 6 service points including 2 aces. Lyndsay Michalek had 2 blocks and Jessica Johnson contributed 6 service points and 11 digs.

The Knights record now stands at 2-6-1.

The freshman and sophomore coaches came away encouraged by their team play. The freshman lost 9-15 but came back with a 15-17 game that drew praise from coach Sheryl Hettinger. The sophomores won 15-6 and 15-9.


The varsity volleyball team found themselves outclassed by a taller and more experienced Sycamore squad. In both game the Spartans scored runs of seven points to open large leads. Both times the knights tried to get back into the game, after Sycamore had scored 13 points, making runs of four straight points. The final scores were 7-15 and 8-15. Lyndsay Michalek had 7 blocks, Marci Piscitelli had 4 service points, Katherine Neahring had 8 hits with 3 kills and Jessica Johnson had 10 hits.

The sophomores won 15-7, 7-15 and 15-8 but the Freshmen lost 7-15 and 4-15.

Evergreen Park

Coach Cyndi Violett and her assistant Kris Weishas have been searching for the right lineup for several weeks. Tuesday she found a winning combination taking two of the three matches from conference rival Evergreen Park. In the first two games the girls opened up seven point leads but Evergreen Park , one of the better conference teams, came back to win the first 15-13 and forced the second game to 15-14 before losing to the Knights at 16-14.

In the third game Kaneland opened a 13-7 lead and then hung on for the 15-12 win. “They were not afraid to win”, commented Coach Violett. Her hope was that they will keep that attitude throughout the Conference schedule.

Lyndsay Michalek had 3 key blocks, 6 kills and 27 hits. Stephanie Studdard contributed 3 ace serves along with 24 hits . Jessica Johnson had 27 hits and 7 successful serves including 2 service points and Katherine Neahring added 4 service points.

The Sophomores continued their string of victories 16-14 and 15-3 but the freshman lost both matches 7-15 and 6-15.


An improving Kaneland volleyball team moved up a notch in the conference with a win over Riverside-Brookfield Thursday evening. Starting with an easy 15-3 victory they struggled in the second game losing 13-15. They finished the night with a 15-9 victory to take the match.

Jessica Johnson had 12 hits, 2 kills, eight service points, 1 ace and 17 digs. Lyndsay Michalek had 8 blocks. Jennifer Harner had 17 digs and Stephanie Studdard assisted with 5 ace serves.

With the two victories this week the Knights improved their record to 4-7-1.

The sophomores moved to 6-1 overall with 15-4, 12-15 and 15-2 scores over the Bulldogs. The Freshman lost 0-15 and 4-15.


It was not a good night for the Knights. The girls fell to a taller and more powerful Ridgewood squad 7-15, 5-15. Stacy Hislop had 11 hits and 4 kills. Lyndsay Michalek contributed 2 blocks.

The freshmen also lost 8-15 and 7-15.

The sophomores, however, looked very sharp continuing their winning ways with two 15-5 matches and bringing their overall record to 7-1.


The varsity won, against a good IMSA squad, 15-12 and 15-6. This was the way to play volleyball.

The girls had a great night, playing IMSA with more power then we had seen during recent games. With Melanie Proctor setting and Stephanie Studdard being used as a front row hitter the team seemed to gain new life. Jessica Johnson also had a good game with several key saves.

The sophomores won with two easy matches 15-5 and 15-6 moving to 8-1 overall. No freshmen game was scheduled.

Elmwood Park

The Knights continued their short winning streak with a 15-8 and 15-4 victories over Elmwood Park.

Katherine Nearhring had 6 hits including 2 kills. Serving was a strong point with Stacy Hislop offering 4 service points and Jessica Johnson finishing with 6. Lindsay Michalek added 2 aces, and Stephanie Studdard doubled that with 4 ace serves. Shari Wenz played a key role with 3 timely kills.

The sophomores won 15-2 and 15-6 but the freshmen lost two hard fought games.


On Thursday both teams played well but the victory went to Yorkville. The first game went to the Foxes 12-15 but the Knights came back to even the series with a 16-14 win. The Knights seemed to tire in the three game dropping it 4-15.

Katherine Nearhring had 7 kills with Jessica Johnson adding 7 hits. Elizabth Kresse was the most successful blocker with 8 touches and 2 solo blocks. Elizabeth also had 9 service points.

The sophomores lost 4-15 and 4-15. The freshmen lost 0-15 and 10-15.

Rosary Tournament

First Game:

Rosary defeated Glendbard East

Second Game:

Kaneland defeated Plano 15-3, 15-4. Shari Wenz had 3 blocks and Katherine Nearhring had 12 service points with 4 aces and 5 kills. Ana Miller led the team with 6 kills and Jessica Johnson assisted with 3.

Third Game:

Kaneland defeated Glenbard East 15-0, 15-7. Marci Piscitelli earned 11 service points with 3 aces. Ana Miller scored 8 service points and Jessica Johnson had 7. Elizabeth Kresse had 2 kills and 3 blocks. Katherine Nearhring also had 2 kills.

Consolation Finals:

Glenbard East defeated Plano for third place.


Rosary defeated Kaneland 6-15, 10-15. Jessica Johnson had 8 service points. Katherine Nearhring and Elizabeth Kresse each had 3 kills. Kresse also added 3 blocks. Kaneland placed second in the tournament.


Westmont was an imposing volleyball team especially since Kaneland lacked two of their starters. From the opening warm up to the final point the Sentinels played serious volleyball. Showing their best they easily won the first game 15-7, stringing together six and seven point runs.

In the second game, after falling behind 3-0, the Knights fought their way back into the meet with a seven point run and a 15-11 win. The third game looked a lot like the second. Westmont got their three point lead and then the Knights scored six unanswered points. Westmont answered with six straight followed by the Knights scoring six in a row. The final score was Kaneland 15, Westmont 11 giving Kaneland a nice win for the evening.

Stacy Hislop had 7 kills and Shari Wenz gave a strong performance adding 6 kills and 2 blocks. Jessica Johnson had 9 digs and 6 service points. Lindsey McAdam added 9 digs and Melanie Proctor added eight service points and 4 aces.

The sophomores won 15-5 and 15-8 but the freshmen lost 4-15 and 10-15.


Undefeated Lemont leads the Suburban Conference race and showed why on Thursday night. The Knights, however, were very much in the first game losing a close 12-15 game but were swept in the second game 0-15.

Katherine Neahring had 4 kills. Lyndsay Michalek and Elizabeth Kreese each had 3 blocks. Stephanie Studdard, who has a powerful but sometimes inconsistent serve, was 12 for 12 with 5 service points.

The sophomores lost both games 9-15 and 6-15. The freshmen were outplayed 8-15 and 6-15.

Crystal Lake Varsity Tournament

Crystal Lake Central Lost 6-15 and 8-15.
Morris Lost 8-15 and 8-15.
Rock Jefferson Won 15-11, Lost 14-16 and Won 15-9.
Sycamore Lost 12-15 and 12-15.
Marian Central Lost 6-15 and 14-16.

Evergreen Park

Kaneland had two starters unavailable for play in this key matchup with Evergreen Park. In an earlier meeting the Knights had beaten the Mustangs in a three game set. In the first game Tuesday the girls took a 7-4 lead but lost 7-15. They got off to a four point lead in the final game before slipping to 4-6 and finishing shy four points, losing 11-15.

The sophomores lost the first 9-15 but fought back for two exciting 16-14 victories. The Freshmen lost 3-15 and 11-15.


It was senior night and the last home meet for six volleyball players. Following the introduction of the senior girls and their parents the girls played together, in their own gym, for the last time. With all six seniors starting, the team jumped to a 9-5 lead. Serena came back to tie at 9 all and moved ahead for a 15-13 win. In the second game the knights lead the entire way winning 15-12. The third and decisive game went to Kaneland 15-3.

Katherine Neahring had 7 kills followed by Elizabeth Kresse and Stephanie Studdard with 4 each. Melanie Proctor had 11 good serves and 11 service points, while Jessica Johnson had 11 and 10. Shari Wenz played a great game which included 5 solo blocks, 2 assists and 2 touches. Lyndsay Michalek also had 2 solo blocks.

The sophomores won 15-3, 15-4. The freshmen lost 8-15 and 13-15.

Kaneland Tournament

Champion Team Forreston, Second Place Hampshire, Third Place Kaneland

Forreston Won 16-14, 15-6

Kaneland Won 15-1, 15-12

Kaneland Won 15-6, 15-8

Forreston Won 15-4, 15-7

Hampshire Won 15-3, 15-9

Forreston Won 15-8, 15-3

Forreston Won 15-5, 15-6

Hampshire Won 15-8, 15-3

Dwight Won 15-12, 15-5

Hampshire Won 8-15, 15-13, 15-3

Regional Play at Hampshire

The Hampshire Whip-purs, the hosts for the IHSA regional volleyball meet, were pleased that they would be opening the tournament playing a team they had beaten last Saturday. In the Kaneland Tournament they had defeated Kaneland in three games winning the last two 15-13 and 15-3.

Those were the exact same scores as Tuesday, except this time the Knights were on top in this all-important regional match up.

After winning a hard fought game 15-13 the Knights took a 3-point lead in the second game followed by Hampshire tying the score at 3 all. From then on it was all Kaneland, as the girls scored 12 straight points to win 15-3.

Katherine Nearing had 7 good hits with 4 kills. Jessica Johnson had 6 attempts plus 3 kills and Elizabeth Kresse added 7 attempts and 1 kill. Jessica also placed all 15 of her serves with 11 of the 15 resulting in points for her team.

The team advances to the semi-final against Genoa-Kingston on Thursday.

Round Two of the Regionals at Hampshire

The season ended abruptly with a second round lose to number-one seed Genoa-Kingston. After losing 3-15 the girls came back to win the second game 15-11 and had a small lead late in the third before losing 12-15.

Lindsey McAdam had 13 serves points. Melanie Proctor added 4 service points and 6 assists. Stephanie Studdard had 13 digs, five kills and 10 assists. Katherine Neahring had 8 kills and 14 digs. Elizabeth Kresse had 6 service points, 6 kills, 5 blocks and 13 digs. Jessica Johnson added five kills.

Final Season Record 14-18-1.

Looking ahead to next year

Next year the Knights will have an experienced and strong senior class complemented by a very successful junior class to be, which should make for a enjoyable season.

1999 Volleyball Rosters

No. Team Member Year
1 Michalek, Lyndsay 12
3 Harner, Jennifer 12
4 Studdard, Stephanie 11
5 Neahring, Katherine 12
7 Johnson, Jessica 11
8 Wenz, Shari 11
9 Piscitelli, Marci 12
11 Hislop, Stacy 12
12 Spitzzeri, Natalie 11
13 Miller, Ana 11
14 Kresse, Elizabeth 12
19 MacAdam, Lindsey 11
22 White, Jennifer 11
23 Gould, Lynda 11
24 Proctor, Melanie 11

Coach: Cyndi Violett
Assistant: Kris Weis

No. Team Member
2 Self, Jackie
4 Larson, Nikki
5 Drendel, Kimmi
6 Negreiros, Fernanda
7 McNamara, Lynette
9 Isberg, Amy
12 Pattermann, Brynn
13 Hopkins, Megan
15 Semeraro, Jessica
16 Barrett, Kiara
19 Wagner, Megan
24 Nolan, Heather
32 Delaney, Becky

Coach: Scot Schlinger

No. Team Member
1 Harner, Andra
2 Neumann, Emily
3 Bailey, Brittany
6 Majerczak, Rachel
8 Neahring, Liz
10 Bieritz, Crystal
11 Schramer, Beth
14 Mills, Ashley
15 Brandau, Kate
16 Kahl, Breanne
17 Skaletsky, Kim
18 Hislop, Cori
20 Hankes, Karrisa
25 Korth, Jessie
26 Dickson, Christina
29 Christoffel, Amy
30 Moisa, Katie
31 Wolbers, Alissa

Coach: Sheryl Hettinger

The 1999 Kaneland volleyball web page is provided compliments of Fred Johnson.

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