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The 1998 Kaneland varsity volleyball team finished the regular season 19-11, which tied the Kaneland record for the most wins in the regular season. The 1979 team was 19-1 and had the best overall final record at 23-2, winning 4 post season matches.

Other good Kaneland volleyball teams were the 1977 team with was 17-5, the best Kaneland record up to that time. The 1978 team which was 18-2. The 1981 team had 18 wins and the 1988 team was 18-10. Finally, the 1991 team finished 17-10-1.

The 1998 Lady nights advanced to the regional Championship game before losing to Marengo to finish 21-12, one of the best overall records of any Kaneland volleyball team.

1998 Kaneland Volleyball Schedule
Thursday 9/3/98 Evergreen Park 5:00 PM A  
Saturday 9/5/98 Jacobs Tournament 9:00 AM A JV
Tuesday 9/8/98 Sycamore 5:00 PM A  
Thursday 9/10/98 Burlington Central 5:00 PM H  
Saturday 9/12/98 Guilford JV Tournament 9:00 AM A JV
Tuesday 9/15/98 Yorkville 5:00 PM H  
Thursday 9/17/98 Sycamore (Conf) 5:00 PM H  
Canceled 9/24/98 Riverside Brookfield (Conf) 5:00 PM A  
Saturday 9/26/98 Team Work Tourn 9:00 AM H  
Thursday 10/1/98 Ridgewood (Conf) 5:00 PM H  
Monday 10/5/98 IMSA 5:00 PM H  
Tuesday 10/6/98 Elmwood Park (Conf) 5:00 PM A  
Thursday 10/8/98 Yorkville (Conf) 5:00 PM A  
Saturday 10/10/98 Rosary Tournament 8:00 AM A  
Tuesday 10/13/98 Westmont (Conf) 5:00 PM H  
Thursday 10/15/98 Lemont (Conf) 5:00 PM A  
Saturday 10/17/98 Crystal Lake 8:30 AM A  
Tuesday 10/20/98 Evergreen Park (Conf) 5:00 PM H  
Saturday 10/24/98 Spike Fest 9:00 AM H  
Tuesday 10/27/98 IHSA Regional Begins      
Tuesday 11/3/98 IHSA Sectional Begins      
Saturday 11/7/98 IHSA Super Sectinal      
Friday 11/13/98 IHSA State Finals Begin      

1998 Volleyball Results

Evergreen Park-L

The Kaneland Knights lost their first game of the season to Evergreen Park 15-8 and 15-9. Deb Lang had 3 kills, 5 service points, and 5 digs. Mandy Piscitelli had 6 service points and 6 assist. Stacy Lettow had 3 kills.

The sophomore team won 15-13 and 15-8. The Freshmen won in three games 15-7, 3-15 and 15-11.

Jacobs Tournament

Match 1: Elgin 2 Kaneland 0 (15-10, 15-13)

Kaneland leaders - Service points - Julie Thomas 7, Addie Sauber 5. Aces - Sauber 2. Kills - Sauber 9, Deb Lang 3. Assists - Marci Piscitelli 7, Mandy Piscitelli 6. Digs - Julie Thomas 4, Lang, Sauber, Danielle MacAdam 3.

Match 2: Kaneland 2 Antioch 0 (15-13, 15-11)
Kaneland leaders - Service points - Julie Thomas 8, MacAadam 6. Kills - Sauber 8, Lang 4. Assists - Mandy Piscitelli 13, Marci Piscitelli 6. Digs - Thomas 6, Sauber 6.

Match 3: Kaneland 2 Elgin St. Edward 0 (15-13, 15-6)

Kaneland leaders - Service points - Mandy Piscitelli 10. Aces - Mandy Piscitelli 5. Kills - Sauber 6, Lang 4, Elizabeth Kresse 4. Assists - Mandy Piscitelli 8, Marci Piscitelli 4.

1st Round Championship: Stevenson 2 Kaneland 0 (15-10, 15-12)

Kaneland leaders - Service points - Mandy Piscitelli 8. Kills - Stacy Lettow 6, Sauber 5, Mandy Piscitelli 2. Assists - Mandy Piscitelli 6. Digs - Mandy Piscitelli 6, Sauber 4.

3rd-Place Match: Elgin 2 Kaneland 1 (5-15, 15-6, 15-11)

Kaneland leaders - Service points - Thomas 11, Lang 5. Kills - Sauber 10, Kresse 4. Assists - Mandy Piscitelli 7.


The Knights beat Sycamore in three exciting matches 16-14, 10-15, and 15-13. The key to win was Knights ability to serve to the open spots. Danielle MacAdam lead the Knights with 13 service points with Julie Thomas adding 8 more accounting for over half of the Knights points. Addie Sauber had an amazing 18 Kills! Stacy Lettow added 5 more Kills.

The Sophomores had an equally exciting match losing the first game 15-7, then battling back for a 16-14 win in the second game and finally winning 15-11 in the rubber match game. The Freshmen weren't as lucky as they lost 15-8 and 16-14.

Burlington Central-L

The Lady Knights dropped below .500 as Burlington Central dropped them in 2 games, 15-10 and in a thriller 16-14. Kaneland was lead by Addie Sauber with 6 kills and 9 digs and Debbie Lang with 7 kills and 5 service points. Mandy Piscitelli had 6 service points, Stacy Lettow had 4 kills and Julie Thomas had 11 digs.

The sophomores lost their first match of the season the had way. They lost game one 16-14, took game two 15-7, then gave away game three after leading 10-0 by a final score of 15-10! That's right 15 straight unanswered points by Burlington. The Freshmen completed a Central sweep as the Knights lost 15-8, 10-15, and 8-15.


The Lady Knights convincingly beat Yorkville 15-10 and 15-9 to move to 4-5 for the season. Marci Piscitelli had 10 service points, Mandy Piscitelli added 9 more and Addie Sauber had 7 to lead the Knights. Deb Lang and Sauber had 7 kills each while Stacy Lettow had 6 and Elizabeth Kresse 5. Mandy Piscitelli had 12 assists and Marci Piscitelli had 11. Lang had 10 digs and Julie Thomas 7.

The sophomores moved their record to 3-1 beating the Foxes 15-7, 15-8. The Freshmen meanwhile lost 15-9, 15-8.


Kaneland went to Sycamore and won a week ago and then Sycamore came to Kaneland and returned the favor beating the Knights in two games, 15-10, 15-12. Ashley Peterson and Mandy Piscitelli had 6 service points each. Deb Lang and Stacy Lettow had 7 kills each. Mandy Piscitelli had 7 assist and Marci Piscitelli had 5. Ashley Peterson played great defense with 4 digs.

The sophomores also lost 1-15, 16-14, and 3-15. To complete the sweep the Spartan Freshmen won 15-3, 15-13.

Ridgewood -W

After not playing a volleyball game for almost two weeks Kaneland (5-6 for the season and 1-1 for in the conference) made short work of the Ridgewood Rebels winning 15-9, 15-2. Julie Thomas generated two-fifths of the Knights scoring with 12 service points. Deb Lang added 6. Addie Sauber had 9 kills, while the Piscitelli's took care of assists with 9 by Mandy and 5 by Marci.

The Sophomores moved their record to 4-2 (1-1 in the conference) easily putting away the Rebels 15-4 twice. The Freshmen completed the sweep winning 15-5, 15-4.


The Lady Knights volleyball team finally moved their record to .500 beating IMSA in two games, 15-4 and 15-6.

Deb Lang and Addie Sauber each had 5 kills, and Mandy Piscitelli and Danielle MacAdam recorded 11 and 7 service points, respectively.

Deb Lang commented on the final game stating, " The game, we really wanted to get it over with. Our mental toughness has been getting better with each game."

"Serving has always been good for us," says Knights volleyball coach Cindy Violett. "We can serve all around the court. We can place it where we want. We're just a good serving team."

"It's a lot more fun being on the other side," said Lang, recalling all the times Kaneland would be on the other end of the score.

"We're realizing we need to win and get our record above .500 for the regional seedings, so that's what we're working on now," added Lang.

The sophomores picked up a discouraging lose after winning the first game easily 15-4. They then lost the second 13-15 and after leading 5-0 in the rubber game, lost it too 12-15. Although the sophomore Knights now have three loses, all three were forced to go to 3 games. The freshmen didn't play.

Elmwood Park -W

The Lady Knights won their third match in a row and 4 out of their last 5 by downing Elmwood Park on their home court 15-5, 15-8. The Lady Knights who are now 2-1 in the conference, haven't allowed the opposition to score double digits in the last 6 games.

Danielle MacAdam had 11 service points with 6 aces. Deb Lang had eight service points with 3 aces and added 4 kills. Mandy Piscitelli had 6 assists and Addie Sauber kicked in 4 kills.

The Sophomore team upped their record to 5-3 (2-1), with convincing wins of 15-4 and 15-9. The freshmen moved their record 3-4 winning 15-8 and 15-2.

Yorkville -W

The Lady Knights did quick work of the Yorkville Foxes in their first game 15-1 but lost their intensity to drop the second game 15-8 in a conference match played at Yorkville. The Lady Knights then rallied in the final game 15-5 to take home a victory that had more intrigue that it should of.

For the evening Danielle MacAdam and Mandy Piscitelli had 9 service points each, Addie Sauber had 9 kills and Deb Lang had 4 solo blocks. Lang also had 7 kills and piscitelli 9 assist, while Sauber and MacAdam had 5 digs each.

The sophomores lost 16-14 (after having a 14-8 lead) and 17-15 in the most exciting game of the year. The freshmen down 14-4 came back for a fantastic come from behind won the first game 16-14, but went on to lose games two and three, 15-10, 15-7.

Rosary Tournament

The Lady Knights defeated Rosary 15-4, 15-7 to earn the title at the Rosary Volleyball Invitational. Yorkville and Plano followed Kaneland and Rosary.

Kaneland defeated Plano 15-4, 15-3 and Yorkville 15-1, 16-14 to set up the title match against Rosary, which beat Yorkville 15-5, 16-14 and Plano 15-7, 15-13.

Deb Lang had nine service points with four aces in the title match. Addie Sauber added 15 service points with four aces. Sauber had 11 kills and five blocks while Elizabeth Kresse added four kills against Rosary. Mandy Piscitelli had five digs, and Sauber and Lang each had four digs apiece.

Westmont -W

The Lady Knights are on a roll and continued to win Tuesday against Westmont in two games of 15-8 each. The win moved the Knights to 12-6 for the season and 4-1 in the conference.

Marci Piscitelli had 7 service points while Addie Sauber added 6 more. Sauber joined Deb Lang with 9 kills each. Lang also had 9 digs and Mandy Pisciteili came up with 7 digs and 10 assist.

The sophomores lost their first game 12-15, then came back and won the next two 15-12 and 15-11 to move their record to 6-4 (2-2). The freshmen upped their record 4-5 beating Westmont 15-6, 17-15.

Lemont -L

The Lady Knights eight game winning streak ended at Lemont as the Injuns took advantage of every Kaneland miscue to down the Knights 15-10, 15-10. The lose eliminated the Knights chances for a Conference Championship giving them two conference loses.

Mandy Piscitelli and Deb Lang did what they could to keep the Knights within striking distance with 6 service points, 5 assist and 9 digs by Piscitelli while Lang had 3 kills and 6 digs.

The sophomores fared no better losing 15-10, 15-8. The freshmen saved the day after losing their opening game 18-16 and then coming back to win the next two 15-9 and

The Crystal Lake Tournament

The Lady Knights traveled to Crystal Lake Saturday and ended up winning three matches while losing two.

They started off by beating host Crystal Lake Central in three games 6-15, 15-13, and 15-13 in a nail biter. They then got beat by Morris 18-16 and 15-10. Next, they had an easy time with Rockford Jefferson 15-3, 15-2.

Then came old nemesis Sycamore and Knights came up short 15-10, 15-9. The Knights closed out the long day by beating Marion Central 15-8, 15-12. By the end of the day the Knights stood 15-9 for the season.

The sophomores started off strong by beating host Crystal Lake Central 15-19, 15-12 and beating Rockford Jefferson 15-9, 15-10. However, they then ran into tournament winner Morris and loss 15-5, 15-13 for a second place finish.

Evergreen Park -W

There Lady Knights could have qualified for airline stewardess training as three girls served up a bunch of points to leave Evergreen Park wondering what hit them. Mandy Piscitelli lead the Knights with 11 service points and Marci Piscitelli and Debbie Lang added 9 and 8 more respectively, as it took the Knights three games to beat the Mustangs, 11-15, 15-11, and 15-7.

The Piscitelli's also lead the Knights in assist with 13 by Mandy and 8 for Marci. Lang and Addie Sauber had 6 kills and 5 blocks each while Stacy Lettow had 7 kills and 4 blocks.

The Knights are now 16-9 overall for the season.

The sophomores last home match was very discouraging as they lost the last two games after easily winning the first, 15-8, 11-15, and 15-17. The Freshmen meanwhile finished at home strong beating EP 15-8, 15-11.

Riverside-Brookfield -L

The Knights lost their last conference game to Riverside-Brookfield 17-15, 15-7. The lose left the Knights 5-3 in the conference for the season and 16-10 overall.

Ashley Peterson came up big, with 8 service points and Mandy Piscitelli added 5 more to go along with 10 assists. Addie Sauber had 6 kills to go with 4 digs. Danielle MacAdam had 5 digs.

The sophomores closed out a very disappointing season losing their final three matches. This time R-B beat them in three games 15-8, 13-15, and 15-6. The freshman girls won, however. After losing the first game 15-8 the Fresh team came back and won the next two, 15-8 and 15-13.

Spike Fest

Kaneland beat Sandwish 15-8, 15-2.

Kaneland beat Dwight 15-16, 15-10, 15-9.

Kaneland beat Forreston 15-5, 15-5.

Kaneland lost the final match to Hampshire 12-15, 5-15, to take second place. The Knights enter the Regionals with a 19-11 record and finished 5-3 in the SPC White Conference.

Volleyball Regionals-Round one

It took the Kaneland Knights just 30 minutes to finish off Paw Paw's season winning 15-6, 15-0, in round one the IHSA volleyball regionals. The win advanced the Knights to the semifinals against Hampshire Thursday night.

It was the 20th win for the Lady Knights against 11 loses. The Knights were lead by Deb Lang who was 11-of-11 in serving, had seven kills and three blocks . Danielle MacAdam was 6-of-7 and Mandy Piscitelli 10-of-11 in serving. Addie Sauber added six kills and Marci Piscitelli four Assists.

The 20 win plateau was very special to this group of Lady Knights as Sauber accounts, "It's really nice".

"We never believed in ourselves, and we never thought we were good," she added. "But, everybody had the potential to really come together as a team and get along. We're really good friends, but we get down on ourselves easily."

Coach Cyndi Violett echoes the same thoughts. "We have a team that is loaded with talent. It's just (difficult) to get them to work together and put the that talent at 100 percent all the of the time. I hate to say it, but they can be a very moody team. It depends on what they want to come out and play like."

Volleyball Regionals-Round Two

It could have been the end of the season for the Lady Knights volleyball team as they took on Hampshire at Marengo in round two of the IHSA regionals. The Hampshire Whip-purs had just beaten the Knights last week-end at Spike Fest 15-12, 15-5. But this time Debbie Lang (with her actions) said, "Climb on my shoulders Lady's and follow me". With blocks, spikes, kills and serves she delivered as the Knights totally surprised the Whip-purs winning the first game 15-8.

In the second game the Knights momentum carried them to a almost insurmountable 10-0 lead when reality set in and Hampshire started to come back. With a complete momentum swing the Whip-purs took the lead and had the serve, leading 14-12.

But the Knights dug in and got a side-out. Lang then went to work an tied the game with two service points and the Knights bench was alive again. A kill by Addie Sauber brought the Knights to within one. The gym was rocking when Stacey Lettow drove the ball into the Hampshire side so hard it couldn't be returned and the game belonged to the Knights, 16-14.

Lang ended the night with 12 Kills, 6 block kills, 4 digs and 5 service points. Danielle MacAdam was 13-14 serving for 9 points, Mandy Piscitelli was 10-10 with 7 service points and Julie Thomas was 9-9 with 6 service points. The Knights as a team served at 93%

Addie Sauber and Stacy Lettow had 6 kills each while Sauber added 7 digs. Mandy Piscitelli had 15 assist while sister Marci added 7 more.

Volleyball Regionals-Round Three
The Regional Championship Game

With the win against Hampshire, the Knights advanced to the regional championship game against number one seed Marengo, a team they haven't played this year.

In the first game the Knights jumped of to early 5-0 lead, but the Knights offense stalled, as Marengo scored the next 15 points winning 15-5. In the second game the Knights battled the Indians with everything they had but saw their successful 21-12 season come to an end 15-12.

Danielle MacAdam had 6 service points and Mandy Piscitelli added 4 more serving 9-for-9. Deb Lang had 7 kills with Stacy Lettow and Addie Sauber had four kills each. Mandy Piscitelli had 9 assists and Sauber had 6 digs.

Congratulations Lady Knights - you had a great season.

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