2000 Kaneland Volleyball Schedule
Day Date Opponent Time H A
 Thursday  8-31-00  Richmond Burton (F/S/V)  4:30 PM  A
 Saturday  9-2-00  Jacobs Tournament  9:00 AM  A
 Tuesday  9-5-00  Hinckley Big Rock (F/S/V)  5:00 PM  H
 Thursday  9-7-00  Burlington Central (F/S/V)  5:00 PM  H
 Saturday  9-9-00  Guilford (JV) Tournament  9:00 PM  A
 Tuesday  9-12-00  Serena (F/S/V)  5:00 PM  A
 Wednesday  9-13-00  St. Charles (Frosh A & B)  4:30 PM  A
 Thursday  9-14-00  Ridgewood (F/S/V)  5:00 PM  A
 Tuesday  9-19-00  Evergreen Park (F/S/V)  5:00 PM  H
 Thursday  9-21-00  Elmwood Park (F/S/V)  5:00 PM  H
 Saturday  9-23-00  Teamwork Tournament (F/S)  9:00 AM  H
 Monday  9-25-00  Newark (F/S/V)  5:00 PM  A
 Thursday  9-28-00  Yorkville (F/S/V)  5:00 PM  H
 Tuesday  9-25-00  Westmont (F/S/V)  5:00 PM  A
 Thursday  10-3-00  Lemont (F/S/V)  8:00 AM  A
 Saturday  10-7-00  Rosary (V)  5:00 PM  A
 Tuesday  10-14-99  Evergreen Park (F/S/V)  5:00 PM  H
 Saturday  10-16-99  Sycamore Invite (F)  8:30 AM  A
 Saturday  10-19-99  Crystal Lake Tournament (S/V)  5:00 PM  A
 Tuesday  10-21-99  Sycamore (F/S/V)  5:00 PM  H
 Thursday  10-23-99  Riverside Brookfield (F/S/V)  9:00 AM  H
 Saturday  10-25-99  Spikefest (Yorkville-Hampshire-Peoto)  TBA  A
 Monday  11-02-99  IHSA Regionals Begin (Varsity)  TBA  A
 Tuesday  11-06-99  IHSA Sectionals Begin (Varsity)  TBA  A
 Friday  11-12-99  IHSA State Finals Begin  TBA  A

Richmond Burton

The Lady Knights began the season as they did last year, losing two out of three games against Richmond Burton. In all three games they gave the rockets a big lead and then tried a come back.

In the first game they were behind 7-1 when a key block by Shari Wenz followed by three good serves by Jessica Johnson including one ace began an exciting rally. The knights closed to 5 to 7 but then fell to 5-10 before tying the game at 14 all. A great block and a save by Heather Nolan resulted in the 16-14 victory.

The second game began with 10 unanswered Richmond Burton points leading to a 15-11 lose. The highlight of the game was the combination short set by Melanie Proctor and the kill by Stephanie Studdard.

The third game went to Richmond 15-7. This was the first meet for the knights while the rockets had already experienced a quad and a dual meet. This Kaneland squad has the talent and experience to have a very successful season. When they start playing as a team they should have a lot of fun. They will have their chance to come together in the Jacobs Tournament on Saturday.

Linda Gould led the individual stats with 7 kills and Jessica Johnson and Stephanie Studdard followed with 5. Heather Nolan supplied 5 good digs and Melanie Proctor added 17 assists. Stephanie Studdard led the servers with 11 good serves including 4 aces and Jessica Johnson had 9 serves with 3 aces.

The sophomore team lost 15-4 , 15-4.

The freshmen lost 14-16, won the middle match 15-7 and lost the tie breaker 10-15.

15th Annual Jacobs Volleyball Invitation

Kaneland Results Teams entered:
Saint Edwards
Jacobs A
Rockford Jefferson

Kaneland Pool Play Results:
First round versus Saint Edwards: Lost 2-15, Lost 7-15
Second Round versus Stevenson: Lost 2-15, Lost 11-15
Third Round versus Elgin: Lost 12-15, Lost 10-15
Bracket Play Consolation Round
First Round versus Jefferson: Won 15-6, Won 15-4
Consolation Championship round versus Antioch: Won 15-11, Lost 9-15, Lost 10-15

Kaneland placed sixth out of the eight teams.

Individual Stats:

Stephanie Studdard, 10 service points and 4 kills. Meghan Wagner, 4 kills. Lindsey MacAdam 8 digs and Jessica Johnson 9 digs.

Jessica Johnson, 5 service points, 5 kills and 6 digs. Linda Gould 4 service points. Stephanie Studdard, 6 kills. Melanie Proctor, 10 kills. Heather Nolan, 6 digs.

St. Edwards
Melanie Proctor, 2 service points and 5 digs. Heather Nolan, 3 service points, 2 kills and 4 digs. Linda Gould 2 service points. Kiara Barrett, 2 kills. Jessica Johnson, 2 kills. Stephanie Studdard, 5 digs.

Lindsay MacAdam, 11 service points. Jessica Johnson, 3 kills and 4 digs. Stephanie Studdard, 6 digs. Melanie Proctor, 4 kills.

Jessica Johnson, 8 service points, 5 kills and 11 digs. Stephanie Studdard, 8 service points. Heather Nolan, 10 kills. Kiara Barrett, 4 blocks, and 6 kills. Melanie Proctor, 9 assists.

Jessica Johnson and Stephanie Studdard earned all tournament honors. Although the competition was rough the girls still are not playing at their best. At times they played well with some outstanding individual efforts but made to many service mistakes. Hopefully the girls will be ready to move it up a step as they advance toward Conference play.

Hinckley Big Rock

The girls got on the right track with a 15-8, 15-3 win over Hinckley Big Rock. It was Kanelands night from the start. Their 5 -0 lead in the first game lead to a 15-8 win. In the second game they found themselves behind 0-3 but went on to score 15 unanswered points to win 15-3. It was a good win but the girls knew the real test would be Thursday against a strong team from Central High.

Burlington Central

Kaneland lost last year in three games to Central so they knew it would be a tough fight this season.. Central has a very strong program and enjoyed a large height advantage over the Kaneland girls. Jessica Johnson, Melanie Proctor, Stephanie Studdard, Heather Nolan, Lindsey McAdams/Nicole Larson, and Lynda Gould/Nicole Larson were the main players in all three games.

The first game did not go well with the Knights falling behind 0-3 and then 3-11. They did score 5 unanswered points to move to 9-11 but fell 9-15. Three times during the game the home girls had served out of bounds.

The second game was the turning point of the night and we hope the season. Jessica earned the first point with a kill and Kaneland quickly moved to a 2-0 lead. Central tied the score at 2-2 but with a kill attack from Melanie, and two each by Jessica and Heather the Knights moved to a 10-3 lead. Three successful Melanie serves moved the lead to 13-4 before Central made a 5 point run. Nicole hit a strong kill to get the ball which Stephanie then aced on her serve. Heather closed out the game with a kill down the sideline to give the girls a 15-9 win. It was in the middle of this game that the girls seemed to be finally playing as a team. In the third game the Knights scored three quick points but fell behind 3-5 and later 7-10. With two good blocks from Nicole and 8 straight serves by Jessica the girls moved to a 15-10 win to take the match. When this team is working together, and they certainly were during the last two games, they are an exciting and fun group to watch.

Individual statistics: Heather had 3 blocks for the evening and 1 assist. Jessica led in digs with 12, followed by Stephanie with 11. Jessica also had 14 service points and Melanie had 11. Neither girl had an error on their serves. Heather was the kill leader with 10, Jessica followed with 9 and Stephanie contributed 6.

The sophomores won their first game 15-3, but followed with two loses 9-15 and 5-15.


Serena has an excellent volleyball program, led by a group of highly talented athletes. They enjoy playing a strong aggressive style of volleyball which makes it tough for the opposition. Kaneland, however, was up to the challenge. Moving quickly ahead in the first game they led at one point led 10-2. The last three of the ten points where scored by Heather Nolan on ace serves. Serena then fought back for nine straight points with an aggressive series of attacks to move to 10-11, but Kaneland held on for the victory 15-11.

Serena moved ahead quickly in the second game for a 4-0 lead. With a combination of great serving by Heather Nolan and good setting play by Melanie Proctor the Knights took the lead back 7-5. The knights fell behind 9-12 but with kills from by Heather Nolan, Jessica Johnson and Melanie Proctor were able to close the night with a 16-14 victory.

Leading in kills: Shari Wenz and Heather Nolan had 5 kills and Jessica Johnson and Stephanie Studdard scored 3 each.

Top servers included Heather Nolan and Stephanie Studdard. Heather had 11 good serves, with 10 service points and one miss. Stephanie had 9 good serves, 6 service points and one miss.

Jessica and Heather were the digs leaders with 11 and 12.

Kiara Barrett had 5 blocks and Shari Wenz blocked 4 Serena attacks.

Frosh: L 8-15, L 17-19.

Sophomores: W 15-7, L 6-15, L 14-16.

Varsity: W 15-11, W 16-14.


Ridgewood had not lost a game since their season opener and they were not about to let that change last Thursday night. The Knights were behind by four points before they got on the score board and allowed Ridgewood 13 points before scoring their second. The final first game score was 2-15.

The second game was a better match. Behind 0-6, Jessica Johnson served for two and a block by Heather Nolan moved Kaneland to 4-6. Four good serves by Melanie Proctor brought the score to 8 all. Jessica added two more good serves and a kill but missed her third serve attempt. The Knights now held a one point lead. Stephanie Studdard added two successful serves to bring the Knights to a 14-11lead but Ridgewood closed out the evening with five straight points to take the match.

The individual stats reflected the evenings scoring. Kiara Barrett and Jessica Johnson each had 2 kills with Kiara adding a block. Jessica had 4 service points with one ace. Melanie Proctor had 2 service points with two aces. Stephanie Studdard had 3 service points with one ace.

The freshman lost 18-1, won 15-3 and won 15-2 to take the victory. The freshman B team won 15-3 and 15-8.

Evergreen Park

The coaches gave the girls two goals for Tuesdays match, to serve well and to play with momentum from the first whistle. Against a strong Evergreen Park Team they needed to do both. They scored the first two points but then lost 7 straight. One of the Evergreen players was well over six feet tall and used her height to score three kills and a block in those first 7 points. The Knights came back with 10 points in a row to won 15-8.

In the second game the serve changed sides over thirty times and neither team was ever more than two points ahead of their opponent. With kills by Stephanie Studdard, Heather Nolan and Jessica Johnson the girls played well but lost 13-15.

The third game started with a 4-1 lead for Kaneland but they soon found themselves behind 4-7. Kills by Heather and Jessica tied the score at 7. Jessica Johnson make an outstanding dig , literally from the stands, to move within one and a block from Kiara Barrett then tied the score at ten. With Jessica serving and Kiara getting two more blocks the Knights moved ahead to win the game 15-10 thus winning the evenings match.

Heather Nolan had 8 kills, Kiara Barrett had 6 and Jessica Johnson added 5.

Kiara Barrett had 7 important blocks and Stephanie Studdard blocked 5 of Evergreen Parks kill attempts.

Melanie Proctor and Jessica Johnson lead in serving with 12 with Jackie Self putting in 11 good serves. The entire team missed only two serves for the evening.

Mel had 13 digs, Heather Nolan had 12 and Stephanie Studdard added 11.

Sophomores won 15-6, lost 15-17, and won 15-8.

The Freshmen team lost two close games 11-15 and 13-15.

Elmwood Park

Maybe it was the new uniforms, maybe it was the home gym. Tuesday against Evergreen Park the Knights Volleyball team wore their new uniforms for the first time and won against a strong Evergreen Park team. Thursday against Elmwood Park the winning continued. Melanie Proctor served for the opening point, the last point and every point in between. With excellent team play and some help from their opponents, Kaneland scored a perfect 15-0 win without giving up the ball.

The second game was an opportunity for some of the girls who haven't had a lot of court time to gain some valuable experience. Kaneland was able to take advantage of their strong bench and rest their starters. Anna Miller ws one of the girls who came off the bench to play the entire second game. Not all of Anna's kill attempts landed in the court but those that did were not returned. She had 11 kill attempts with 5 of the balls going out of bounds but 6 were unreturnable, resulting in 6 points. The girls gave up the first two points but with a great dig from Anna and an acrobatic move by Melanie Proctor in which she dug the ball out of the net, they quickly took the lead 8-2. Following three Elmwood points, Lindsey aced two serves and Anna got one of her 6 kills moving the score to 11-5. Five Kaneland defensive errors to close the lead to 13-10, but an aggressive push resulted in a 15-11 victory.

Kiara Barrett blocked two Elmwood Park hits. Most digs went to Anna Miller and Megan Wagner with 3 each. Melanie Proctor had 18 service points,Megan had 4 and there were no team service errors.

Anna contributed 6 kills followed by Megan with 4.

An improving sophomore team won 15-4 and 16-14.

The Freshmen A team won 15-1 and 15-11, while the B team lost 7-15 and 14-16.


In a three game set against Newark the Knights won the first and last games.

In the first game the girls opened with five straight points including two aces by Melanie Proctor. After three Newark points the Knights answered with six including two aces by Heather Nolan. With a twelve to three lead it looked like the Knights night. Newark fought back, however, to move to only a three point deficet 11-14 but the Knights defense stiffened and they hung on for the 15-11 win. One of the best plays of the game had Shari Wenz one handing a kill attempt while laying on her back.

The lead in the second game changed hands many times before Newark won 11-15. In all the games but particularly the last the Knights had trouble with their serves, missing eleven for the evening. With the score tied at 10 in the last game, Melanie Proctor earned two points with well place tips to her opponents feet and Jessica closed out the scoring with two strong kills. Final score was again 15-11.


The Yorkville Kaneland volleyball rivalry is kind of like the Bears and the Packers. The competition is even more intense since many of the Yorkville and Kaneland seniors are teammates during the club season.

Kaneland won both varsity games 15-12, 15-12. The second game found Kaneland with a 12-8 lead, that took them a while to finish, but Linda Gould brought the game back to speed with her serving and with the three kills by Jessica Johnson the Knights finished off their strong rival.

Shari Wenz had two solo blocks, six touches and one error. Heather Nolan had ten digs and five errors while Melanie Proctor added four digs with one error and Stephanie Studdard had six digs and no errors.

After being 1 & 5 to start the season, the lady knights have won 9 out of their last 10 matches to improve to 10-6 overall, and 4-1 in conference.

Melanie served for eight points with no errors, Lindsey MacAdams offered four service points with one error and Jessica added six points but had three service errors.

The Varsity team is now 8 and 6 with a conference record of 2 and 1.

The Sophomores lost 4-15 and 7-15.

The freshmen A team was beaten 12-15, 6-15 and the B team won one of their three games. B scores were 7-15, 15-4 and 6-15.


Kaneland won the first game 15-12. The final game was competitive with the lead moving from team to team until the score was six-five in Westmont's favor. Kaneland then scored ten unanswered points with Lynda Gould serving the last eight points. Jessica Johnson scored three of her ten kills during this run and two of Lynda's serves were aces. Jessica had ten kills, Heather Nolan had nine and Kiara Barrett added seven.

Shari Wenz blocked three Westmont attacks.

Top server was Lindsey McAdams with nine service points. Lynda Gould, as mentioned, had 8 service points and two aces. Stephanie Studdard offered seven service points with two aces.

Varsity 15-12, 15-6

Freshmen Won both games 15-11 and 15-6.

Sophomores lost 15-4 and 15-6.


League leading Lemont started two seniors, one junior, two sophomores and a freshmen. They were lead by senior Val Rydberg, one of the top players in the Chicago area. Kaneland got off to a three point lead but the run was stopped by two Rydberg kills which took the serve and scored their first point. Shari Wenz countered with a kill that put the score at four all. Later two more Rydberg kills gave Westmont an eight to five lead. Jessica Johnson served for two points to move to within a point but Rydberg then put on a serving exhibition scoring seven straight aces to lead Westmont to a 15-7 win.

In the second game each team had served five times before a point was scored. Kaneland earned a three-one lead and later led five-four when Val Rydberg served for five straight points. Heather and Jessica each had several kills to keep the Knights in the game but Rydberg again closed out the game with two service points. The Knights lost the final game 9-15.

Heather Stephanie and Kiara each had three kills. Jessica and Lindsey had five digs. Melanie Proctor led with five serves and one ace and Jessica added four service points.

Varsity lost: 7-15 and 9-15.

Sophomores lost: 4-15 and 11-15.

Rosary Tournament

The Saturday varsity quadrangular was hosted by Rosary and included Plano and Aurora Christian along with the Knights. This tournament offered a good opportunity for the Kaneland coaches, Cyndi Violett and Kris Weiss, to give considerable floor time to all their players. Using fourteen players the Knights had little trouble with Plano winning 15-5, 15-9 and had similar results against Aurora Christian winning both games 15-4. The Knights had seven ace serves in the last round alone, three by Heather, two from Melanie and one each from Stephanie Studdard, Anna Miller and Lynda Gould. Anna also added three kills to close out Aurora Christian. The key moment of the tournament took place earlier in the first game against Rosary. The Knights had a five to two lead followed by kills from Heather and Stephanie. Jessica had a kill at seven all, but Rosary quickly moved to a thirteen to eight lead. Jessica added two more kills to put the Knight back in the game down eleven to thirteen. Rosary blocked the ball out of bounds on the next play but both officials missed the ball and called for a replay of the point. The momentum shifted as Rosary took the replay and the following two points to win 15-12.

In the second Rosary game the Knights fell behind ten to zero before they made a run that left them only one point down at eleven to twelve. The Knights took the serve back three times but could not score as Rosary added three points to win 15-11 and eventually take their own tournament.

Kaneland Results:
Round One: Plano won 15-5, won 15-9
Round Two: Rosary lost 12-15, lost 11-15
Last round: won 15-4, and won 15-4

Evergreen Park

The Knights beat Evergreen Park in their first meeting in September when they played on Kaneland’s home court. On October in their own gym the Mustangs took their revenge. The Knights used a block by Kiara Barrett, a kill from Stephanie Studdard and the serving of Melanie Proctor to take a quick four point lead. Evergreen Park, however, then earned fifteen straight points for the victory. Kaneland did get the serve back on five occasions but was unable to turn the occasions into points.

In the second game the Mustangs put together three five point runs to easily win 15-3.

The freshmen lost both games 5-15 and 2-15.

The sophomores fared only slightly better losing 7-15 and 6-15.

Crystal Lake Central Invitational

The girls were hoping to have a better showing at the six team Crystal Lake Central Invitational. The day did not go as planned. The first round went to the host team 3-5 and 7-15. Crystal Lake then beat Morris two straight but Morris followed with 9-15 and 11-15 victories over the Knights.

In the second Morris game the Knights were behind 14-6 and they were able to hold off Morris for twenty seven serves but still lost 15-11.

In the 11:30 round, against a good Sycamore team, the girls played better but the result was still two loses. Down 14-7 they made a run of four points with some good serves by Stephanie Studdard, including one ace, but lost 11-15. The second Sycamore game went to the Spartans 15-12.

Throughout the tournament the Knights played defense on the same level as their opponents but were unable to match the offensive power of their taller opponents.

The final three games were against Marian Central. In game one, Marian had an eleven point lead before the Knights were able to score. The first game final was 2-15. Kaneland stayed close in the second game and behind by only two at 5-7 they outscored their opponents to earn a 15-11 victory but fell behind 0-6 in the last game and went on to lose 7-15.


The girls were hoping to have a better showing at the six team Crystal Lake Central Invitational. The day did not go as planned. The first round went to the host team 3-5 and 7-15. Crystal Lake then beat Morris two straight but Morris followed with 9-15 and 11-15 victories over the Knights.

The girls had a lot of group activities, in and out of school, leading up to their senior night and it was an emotional night for all involved. Playing in their last home dual meet were eight seniors, Lynda Gould, Jessica Johnson, Lindsey McAdams, Anna Miller, Melanie Proctor, Stephanie Studdard, Shari Wenz, and Jennifer White who have played together since seventh grade.

Sycamore dominated the first game winning 15-3, but the Knights came back in an exciting second game. They were behind 3-10 but outscored the Spartans 12-2 to win the game 15-12. Unfortunately that was the last of the offense. Sycamore ran the final game with the Knights only earning the serve back once and then were unable to score. Final score 0-15.

For the night Jessica Johnson had four kills.

Kiara Barrett had five blocks and Shari Wenz added three.

Service point leaders were Melanie Proctor with 6, Jackie Self with five and Jessica Johnson with four.


In the final conference meet at Riverside-Brookfield the Knights played fairly well against a good Bulldog team. They had a four one lead but gave up seven unanswered points to fall behind by four. They then got back into the game with five points of their own. After two more Riverside and one more Knight point the score stood at eleven - ten in favor of the hoist Bulldogs. With two kills by Jessica Johnson and a great dig out of the net by Melanie Proctor, Kaneland took the lead twelve-eleven but that was al the scoring they could do as Riverside took the first game fifteen- twelve.

In the second game Riverside opened an eight to one lead. The Knights fought back with a kill from Jessica Johnson, a key dig by Stephanie Studdard, three scoring serves by Jessica and five by Heather Nolan including one ace. The Knights had come from a fourteen nine deficit to tie the game at fourteen but gave up the final two points to lose fourteen to sixteen.

Jessica Johnson had four kills, one block and five service points.

Stephanie Studdard also had four kills and five digs.

Heather Nolan contributed four digs and six service points.

Shari Wenz added three blocks while Jackie Self had six service points.

The Freshmen lost 15-9 and 15-8.

The sophomores also lost both games.

Spikefest Tournament

Teams entered included Geneva, Peotone, Yorkville, Hampshire.

The opening round pitted Kaneland against Peotone. The Knights had little trouble scoring the final ten points to win fifteen-three. Heather Nolan had a powerful kill, and Jessica Johnson served for the last five points scoring an ace to end the game.

In game two against Peotone, Kaneland scored three, followed by Peotone scoring four times to take the lead. The Knights then scored twelve straight points to win fifteen-four.

Key plays included two kills by Heather Nolan, one kill from Megan Wagner, a block by Shari Wenz and two ace serves along, with eight service points from Stephanie Studdard.

Round two found the Yorkville Foxes attempting to get revenge for their loss during the dual season. The Knights never gave them a chance in the first game taking a ten to three lead. Yorkville made a run to keep it interesting but the home team finished with an easy fifteen-eight win. The fifteenth Kaneland point came on a long volley with both teams playing well. Both Shari and Melanie blocked key Yorkville kill attempts.

In game two both teams came out ready to fight for the win. Yorkville opened with five straight point. Each team then added one before the Knights earned five more points. The Foxes earned one and the Knights then added five more to move ahead eleven to seven. Four Kaneland mistakes put Yorkville in the game with the score tied. We got three, then they got three. Point for point the two teams matched each other as the score grew past fifteen. The lead changed hands five time before Kaneland was able to score with an ace from Shari Wenz and a final kill from Jessica Johnson to finally win twenty two to twenty.

The high point against Geneva came early. The Knights took a six to one lead before falling behind thirteen to seven and losing nine to fifteen. The Knights did have two ace serves from Stephanie Studdard and kills by Shari Wenz, Megan Wagner and Heather Nolan.

The second Geneva game also started with a Kaneland lead. Up three to one, the Knights slipped to thirteen-four before making a run to get to nine-thirteen. Jessica Johnson had two aces and setter Melanie Proctor added another ace, along with three service points. Final score was nine-fifteen.

The last round pitted Kaneland against Hampshire. The girls won two exciting games fifteen-nine and fifteen-thirteen. Heather had seven kills and Jessica contributed four in the two games.

The Knights placed second in their final regular season tournament and appeared ready to move on to the Regional opener with Rosary.

IHSA Regional held at LaSalle-Peru High School

The opening games saw LaSalle-Peru handily defeat West Aurora. Kaneland then played two games against Rosary of Aurora.

The Knights put themselves in a deep hole, falling behind by eleven points before getting on the scoreboard. Better effort got them back to six-twelve but they were able to score only one more point before falling seven-fifteen.

In the second game the Knights opened with four Kaneland points and a second run of five straight to give them a nine-three lead. Rosary then used four Kaneland mistakes to move to seven-nine. Kaneland follwed by stretched the lead to eleven-seven and then thirteen-eight. The comfortable lead, the game and the season quickly disappeared with eight unanswered Rosary points. Final was thirteen-fifteen. Rosary advanced to play LaSalle-Peru.

2000 Volleyball Rosters

No. Team Member
14 Barrett, Kiara
5 Drendel, Kimmi
21 Larson, Nicole
3 Nolan, Heather
19 Self, Jackie
23 Wagner, Megan
7 *Gould, Lynda
11 Johnson, Jessica
1 MacAdam, Lindsey
13 Miller, Anna
24 *Proctor, Melanie
4 Studdard, Stephanie
8 Wenz, Shari
22 White, Jennifer

Coach: Cyndi Violett
Assistant: Kris Weis

* captain

No. Team Member
6 Hankes, Karrisa
1 Harner, Andra
31 Kahl, Breanne
4 Korth, Jessica
5 Majerczak, Rachel
2 Mills, Ashley
3 Neahring, Liz
32 Schramer, Beth
11 Wolbers, Alissa
12 Nelson, Stephanie

Coach: Scot Schlinger

No. Team Member
9 Boor, Erin
17 Cochran, Courtney
8 Daniels, Melissa
20 Flanagan, Erin
14 Heimann, Jessica
30 Hodal, Christina
18 Jefferis, Courtney
29 Larson, Kelly
10 Romito, Diane
13 Scawinski, Danielle
16 Skudlarek, Jeanine
7 Spitzzeri, Ashley
25 Stralka, Kate
24 Strong, Emily
2 Zollers, Brittany

Coach: Sheryl Hettinger &
Mary Alice Robison

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