A look into Kaneland's football future

Will the success Kaneland football has had over the last two years continue? The good news is it could very well get even better. That's because Kaneland is loaded at the so called skill positions. The only skill position Kaneland has lost is senior Dan Kenny who had over 2,000 yards rushing in the last two years.

Everybody returns for the receiving core. And all the starting linebackers return on defense. However the line is a different story.

Of the starters for the offensive line only Brian Herra will be returning. However Phil Olson who was injured the second half of the year should return full force. Chad Herst who focused on defense this year will probably see double duty next year. Also returning are Jason Reyes, Adam Wallace, and Casey Barrett. Plus Anthony Parrilli may join Herst playing both sides of the ball.

The Defensive Line is not much better with only starter Herst returning. However, Parrilli who saw a lot of action during the year as did Herra are more than ample at anchoring the line.

Starting linebackers, sophomore Kyle schrader, junior Ian Thomas, and "The Rock", middle linebacker Rusty Pozen are all returning. Plus quality backup B.J. Mires will return along with sophomore Shaun Wenz.

The defensive backfield will take a hit two, with only one starter returning -- junior Ryan West. However, their is a lot of capable hands still to choose from to fill the three openings in sophomores, Eric Delaney, P.J. Fleck, and Kurt Long, as well as juniors, John Morong, Luke Peterson, and Josh Miller.

All starting wideouts are returning -- Peterson, Miller, and Fleck. But the bright spot for next year's team should be the backfield, starting at quarterback with both Junior Aaron Sebiens and sophomore Eric Delaney returning. This should give Kaneland one of the best 1-2 quarterbacks in the fox valley. Also the Knights are stacked at running back with Juniors, West, Pozen, and Thomas, plus sophomores Schrader, Wenz and Long.

The icing on the cake has to be the fact that Matt Gladd will also be back, giving the Knights one of the most feared place-kickers in the state. Also this year's sophomores will be together again, after going undefeated last year. Their win over Morris last year was the only Kaneland football win over Morris at any level for years.

That sophomore team includes Lineman Denny Niceley, Seth mateas, Mike Varley, Helge Lundgren, Mark Needham, Jason Stayner, Keith Snyder, Justin Cutsinger, and Jason Harley. Add to that linebackers/running backs Jason Cornell, Shaun Wenz, Kurt Long, and Mike Lemmer, and Quarterback/Defensive back Colin Baumgartner, all who made the Varsity playoff team.

Reprinted with permission of the Elburn Herald

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