* Kaneland Sound Tracks

If your having problems hearing the recordings - the following information is designed to walk you through how to play Knight's sounds on your your computer.

First, you need to have a sound card and speakers connected and working on your system. If your not sure if your system is set up for sound -TEST IT (outside of your browser).

Once your sure your system is working properly. Try clicking on the recording you want to hear. If the following screen is displayed - then you don't have a Internet "Wave Player", installed.

At this point you have two options. You can click Save File... and then save the recording to your computer and play it manually (this is tedious and not recommended), or you can set up your computer to play it automatically. This is simple and easy, just perform the following. (Suggestion: You might want to print this page so you can follow the process on paper).

1) Click on the following underlined "Wave Player". This is simple shareware program that will allow you play Wave files. Wave Player

2) Select Save... and give it an address so you can find it - like "C:\"

3) Next select the following wave file TEST FILE

4) Next perform the following:

  1. When the Unknown file type dialog box displays - select Pick App....
  2. Then select browse...
  3. Then select "wavshell.exe" - the file you just downloaded (it should appear as one of the files to select).

5) You should hear the Test File play. Click on TEST FILE again to verify. If you hear it your all set. Go back to Knight's site and hear the fun. If it doesn't work, don't give up - please click here to leave a message and we will get back to you to help you fix it.

SPECIAL NOTE: Sound files (called Wave files) can take time to download, (as much as a few minutes). So be patient and the reward should be worth the wait.

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