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Click here to review the 1996-97 Kaneland Bowling Season

Click here to review the 1997-98 Kaneland Bowling Season

A Look at the 1998-99 Bowling Season

The Lady Knights return five letter winners and four varsity starters to open coach Jim McKnight's 10th year. Senior Shannon Minson (155 average), is the top bowler on the team.

"The girls coming back other than Minson, did not have very high averages and we play a tough schedule," says McKnight. "We have to concetrate on helping the new bowlers learn the game. Most of the girls have never bowled before. We try to stress having fun."

Returning are sophomore Michelle Faber, Senior Tricia Greene and senior Wendy Ball who were varsity starters last year. Junior Jessica Lightfoot, who won a varsity letter, was a junior varsity player most of last season.

1998-99 Kaneland Bowling Schedule

Day Date Opponent Time H/A
Monday 11/30/98 DeKalb 4:45 PM H
Tuesday 12/1/98 Oswego 4:30 PM A
Thursday 12/3/98 Fenton 4:30 PM H
Tuesday 12/8/98 Minooka 4:30 PM A
Thursday 12/10/98 Lemont 4:30 PM H
Saturday 12/12/98 Morris Tournament 9:00 AM A
Monday 12/14/98 Mooseheart 4:15 PM H
Thursday 12/17/98 Morris 4:30 PM A
Saturday 12/19/98 DeKalb Tournament 9:00 AM A
Tuesday 1/5/99 W Aurora 4:30 PM A
Thursday 1/7/99 Plainfield 4:30 PM A
Saturday 1/9/99 Jacobs Tournament 9:00 AM A
Tuesday 1/12/99 Evergreen Park 4:30 PM H
Thursday 1/14/99 Mooseheart 4:15 PM A
Tuesday 1/19/99 Sycamore 4:30 PM H
Saturday 1/23/99 Conference(Lemont) 9:00 AM A
Tuesday 1/26/99 Lisle 4:30 PM A
Saturday 1/30/99 DixonTournament 9:00 AM A
Saturday 2/6/99 IHSA Sectional    
Fri/Sat 2/12/99 IHSA State Finals    

Home Lanes: Valley Bowl at North Aurora.


Kaneland 1809 - Oswego 2668

The Lady Knights lost their first conference match of the year to Oswego at Yorkville, 2,668-1,809. Shannon Minson lead the Knights with a 464.

The JV team also lost 2,237-1,621.

Kaneland 1856 - Minooka 2309

The Lady Knights lost to Minooka at Joliet, 2,309-1,856. However, the Knights did improve from their previous performance by 47 pins as three girls pushed the 400 series scores. Lyndsey Whitmer rolled a 400, Shannon Minson came up with a 399, and Vicki Mansfield came in with a 388.

The JV team also lost in a close one, 1,699-1,603. Wendy Ball threw a 390 for the JV team.

Kaneland 1914 - Lemont 2132

Lemont came to Kaneland (Valley Lanes) and the Knights proved to be a good host as they lost their third match in a row 2,132-1,914. However, the Knights did improve from their previous performance by nearly a 100 pins and improved from their first match by almost 150 pins. Michelle Faber with a 430 and Shannon Minson with a 432 led the Knights.

The JV team also lost in a 1,912-1,696. Trisha Greene threw a 380 for the JV team.

Kaneland 1086 - Mooseheart 1322

Mooseheart's Shelly Thedorff had the high series with a 309 and teammate Cindy Klimczyk the high game at 164 in a two-game match with Kaneland at Valley Bowl. The Knights were led by Shannon Minson's 157-151 for a 308.

Kaneland 1778 - Morris 2276

Doing a complete reversal of the football team record the Knights Bowling team kept there record perfect losing to Morris 2276-1778, at Morris. Scoring only 1,778 points was the lowest score of the season for the Knights. Shannon Minson did her part rolling a 429 with a Knights game high of 162, but no one else was able to score more than 355.

The JV team also lost 2030-1671 with freshmen Danielle Davis scoring a a 362.

Match against West Aurora was cancelled due to weather conditions.

Kaneland 1810 - Evergreen Park 2070

The Knights Bowling team contined to struggle as they lost to Evergreen Park 2,070 to 1,810. Michelle Faber led the Knights with a 402, but Shannon Minson just edged her out for game honors with a 147. Faber's best game was a 146.

The JV team also lost 1,939 to 1,703. Erin Arno rolled a 389 for the Knights.

Kaneland 1337 - Mooseheart 1416

The two schools only played two games and as a result Kaneland came as close to a win as they have all year, just losing 1,416 to 1,337. Shannon Minson had the best game of the match with an impressive 184. She added a 145 in her second game to help in the losing effort. Lyndsay Whitmer rolled a 153.

Erin Arno led the JV team again - this time with a 145 and 126 as the JV team won, beating Mooseheart 1150 to 1026.

Kaneland 2962 - Sycamore 1874

Kaneland scored their second highest total of the bowling season with a 1874, but it was way short of Sycamore's 2962 leaving the Knights still looking for their first win. The Knights were led by a 453 from Shannon Minson and a 395 by Michelle Faber.

Interesting note was the terrific day had by Kari Keytzer of Sycamore who had a 721, with games of 233, 236, and 252.

Erin Arno led the JV team again - this time with a 325 as the JV team lost to Sycamore 2313 to 1465. Stephenie Stayner rolled a 311 and Andrea Ruetten a 305.

Season Wrap-up

Not all the scores were made available as the Knights struggled through the season. In the conference tournament to close out the year the Knights finished in last place.

Shannon Minson led the team with an 845 total pins over the six-game series. Wendy ball lead the team with the high overall game with a 171.

Despite the lack of marks in the team's win column, Kaneland coach Jim McKnight said his team did not become discouraged.

"Our season has been quite challenging, considering a schedule which has us bowling against the likes of Oswego, Sycamore, Morris and Plainfield," said McKnight. "Our younger girls did a good job of learning the fundamentals of the game. It is only rarely that we have girls who have bowled previously or competitively. Therefore, we are at a disadvantage compared to schools in communities where bowling is done competitively at an early age.

"We are proud that our girls can have fun and learn the game, showing great sportsmanship and team spirit even if our scores are not always high enough to win games."

Kaneland Bowling Team
  Wendy Ball   12
  Trisha Greene   12
  Shannon Minson   12
  Andrea Ruetten   12
  Jessica Lightfoot   11
  Melissa Allison   10
  Kim Bartnick   10
  Michelle Faber   10
  Jillian Grzywa   10
  Valerie Meloun   10
  Erin Arno   9
  Melissa Brown   9
  Danielle Davis   9
  Lyndsay Whitmer   9
  Coached by: Jim McKnight

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