Review the 1997 Kaneland baseball Season

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Preseason Review

This season, varsity boys' baseball will be working to improve last year's record, when they finished the season 3-25 with no conference wins.

"Our goals are to play as competitive as we can and to win the regional," said Coach Steve Auchstetter.

Day Date Contest Time Location H/A
Thurs 4/2/98 Oregon (V/S) 4:00 Oregon A
Thurs 4/2/98 Oregon (F) 4:00 Oregon H
Fri 4/3/98 Wheaton St Francis (V) 11:00 Wheaton A
Fri 4/3/98 Wheaton St Francis (S) 11:00 Maple Park H
Mon 4/13/98 Geneva (V) Can Maple Park H
Mon 4/13/98 Geneva (F/S) Can Geneva A
Tues 4/14/98 Geneva(V) 4:15 Geneva A
Tues 4/14/98 Geneva(F/S) 4:15 Maple Park H
Wed 4/15/98 Geneva(V) 4:15 Maple Park H
Wed 4/15/98 Geneva(F/S) 4:15 Geneva A
Thur 4/16/98 New: Geneva(V) 4:15 Maple Park H
Thur 4/16/98 New: Geneva(F/S) 4:15 Geneva A
Fri 4/17/98 Morris(V) 4:15 Maple Park H
Fri 4/17/98 Morris(F/S) 4:15 Morris A
Sat 4/18/98 Morris(V) 10:00 Morris A
Sat 4/18/98 Morris(F/S) 10:00 Maple Park H
Tues 4/21/98 Oswego(V) 4:15 Maple Park H
Tues 4/21/98 Oswego(F/S) 4:15 Oswego A
Wed 4/22/98 Oswego(V) 4:15 Oswego A
Wed 4/22/98 Oswego(F/S) 4:15 Maple Park H
Thurs 4/23/98 Oswego(V) 4:15 Maple Park H
Thurs 4/23/98 Oswego(F/S) 4:15 Oswego A
Fri 4/24/98 Aurora Christian(*) 6:00 Elfstrom Stadium H
Mon 4/27/98 Hinkley/Big Rock(V) 4:15 Hinkley A
Wed 4/29/98 Burlington(V) 4:15 Burlington A
Wed 4/29/98 Burlington(F/S) 4:15 Maple Park H
Fri 5/1/98 Yorkville(V) 4:15 Maple Park H
Fri 5/1/98 Yorkville(F/S) 4:15 Yorkville A
Sat 5/2/98 Yorkville(V) 10:00 Yorkville A
Sat 5/2/98 Yorkville(F/S) 10:00 Maple Park H
Tues 5/5/98 Batavia(V) 4:15 Maple Park H
Tues 5/5/98 Batavia(F/S) 4:15 Batavia A
Wed 5/6/98 Batavia(V) 4:15 Batavia A
Wed 5/6/98 Batavia(F/S) 4:15 Maple Park H
Thurs 5/7/98 Batavia(V) 4:15 Maple Park H
Thurs 5/7/98 Batavia(F/S) 4:15 Batavia A
Fri 5/8/98 Minooka(V) 4:15 Minooka A
Fri 5/8/98 Minooka(F/S) 4:15 Maple Park H
Sat 5/9/98 Minooka(V) 10:00 Maple Park H
Sat 5/9/98 Minooka(F/S) 10:00 Minooka A
Tues 5/12/98 Sycamore(V) 4:15 Sycamore A
Tues 5/12/98 Sycamore(F/S) 4:15 Maple Park H
Wed 5/13/98 Sycamore(V) 4:15 Maple Park H
Wed 5/13/98 Sycamore(F/S) 4:15 Sycamore A
Thurs 5/14/98 Sycamore(V) 4:15 Sycamore A
Thurs 5/14/98 Sycamore(F/S) 4:15 Maple Park H
Fri 5/15/98 Plainfield(V) 4:15 Maple Park H
Fri 5/15/98 Plainfield(F/S) 4:15 Plainfield A
Sat 5/16/98 Plainfield(V) 10:00 Plainfield A
Sat 5/16/98 Plainfield(F/S) 10:00 Maple Park H
Tues 5/19/98 IHSA Regionals TBA TBA TBA
Sat 5/30/98 IHSA Sectionals TBA TBA TBA
Fri 6/5/98 IHSA State Finals TBA TBA TBA

Varsity Baseball

Oregon 8 Kaneland 2

If it weren't for a half an inning the Kaneland Knights Baseball season would have started nearly perfectly. Take away the bottom of the fourth inning and Kaneland would have won it's first game of the year 2-0 and not allowed a hit. However, the Oregon bats came to life all at once as they scored 8 runs on 5 hits in 4th inning to down the Knights 8-2.

Aaron Siebeins took the loss after pitching three perfect innings. Siebeins also accounted for the Knights only runs with a 2 run homer at the top of the fourth inning. Shaun Wenz, which got Kaneland's first hit of the season with the swing of the bat finished the game with two hitless innings of work.

Kaneland 2-5-2
Oregon 8-5-1

Wheaton St. Francis 14 Kaneland 2
Wheaton St. Francis 13 Kaneland 2

On a cold, cloudy and bleak day the Kaneland Knights visited Wheaton St. Francis and came away on the short end of a double header 14-2 and 13-2 to start off the season at 0-3.

Clint Biddle had the unfortunate task of facing the loaded bats from Wheaton. Biddle gave up all 14 runs of which only 2 were earned as Kaneland committed 7 errors. Drew Augusten went 2 for 2 for the Knights with a RBI. Steve Reckinger drove in the other Kaneland run with a sacrifice fly.

Kaneland 2-2-7
St. Francis 14-9-0

In the second game Steve Reckinger got the call the hot bats of St. Francis didn't cool off as they scored 13 runs in first three innings. Sophomore Mike Sondelski who pitched the shutout ball for the last two innings of the first contest continued his good fortune by pitching another shutout inning to finish the second game. Sondelski also accounted for half of Kaneland's hits with two singles in three tries.

Drew Augusten drove in Sondelski for Kaneland's first run in the first inning with a triple to give the Knights a short lived 1-0 lead and Curt Oland singled in the last inning to account for the Knight's final hit.

Augusten finished the day 3-4, with a walk, single, double, triple and 2 RBI's. Sondelski was 2-3 with a walk, 2 singles, and 2 runs scored.

Kaneland 2-4-4
St. Francis 13-11-0

Geneva 16 Kaneland 0

The Knights showed what happens when games are 10 days apart. The pitching gets rusty, the bats become silent and the fielding becomes ragged. As a result Geneva stung the Knights 16-zip, as they scored in every inning.

Kurt Oland got the Knights only hit with a single in the fourth inning. The Knights didn't help themselves as two runners got picked off first base and they committed 4 errors.

Kaneland 0-1-4
Geneva 16-9-0

Morris 18 Kaneland 0

After getting rained out for 3 out of four games with Geneva, the skies cleared and Kaneland finally got to play. This time at home against former state champs - Morris. But the Knights continued to struggle managing only one hit for the second game in a row, a double by sophomore Mike Sondelski who was later thrown out on the base paths.

Morris meanwhile feasted on Kaneland pitching scoring 18 runs on 17 hits.

Kaneland 0-1-3
Morris 18-17-0

Morris 9 Kaneland 0
Morris 16 Kaneland 5

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon the Knights played a twin bill at Morris. And for the first time in five games the opening game went the distance as Aaron Siebens and Shaun Wenz held the powerful Redskins to just 7 hits. However, the Knights committed five errors in the field and managed only 4 hits at the plate.

All the Kaneland hits came from the first three batters in the order as the Knights loaded the based in the first inning with no outs but failed to score. Mike Sondelski lead off with a single, Kurt Oland followed with a single and Wenz walked. In the third inning Wenz and Oland got back to back hits but the Knights failed to cross the plate again.

Kaneland 0-4-5
Morris 9-7-0

In the second game the Knights bats started to come to life as they scored more than two runs for the first time this season and banged out a season high 8 hits. Shaun Wenz lead the Knights going 3 for 3, with a home run over the left field fence, a double, a single and 4 RBI's. Mike Sondelski chipped in with a pair of doubles and Aaron Siebens, Casey Barrett, and Tristan Wilson all added singles.

However in the field the Knights committed 7 errors leading to 16 runs in just 4 innings. Kaneland relief pitching was the bright spot for the Knights against Morris as Wenz pitched one inning of no run-no hit ball in the first game and Colin Baumgartner pitched no run-one hit ball for one inning in the second game.

Kaneland 5-8-7
Morris 16-11-0

Monday night at 4:15 the Knights take on Geneva at Elfstrom Stadium in a make up game.

Friday April 24 the Kaneland Knights take on Aurora Christian, 6:00 at

Elfstrom Stadium!

Built: 1991
Capacity: 5,900
Dimensions (LF): 335
Dimensions (CF): 400
Dimensions (RF): 335

Varsity BB Roster  
Player Yr.
Balensiefen, Mike 10
Sondelski, Mike 10
Baumgartner, Colin 11
Wenz, Shaun 11
Wilson, Tristan 11
Oland, Kurt 11
Lay, Matt 11
Augusten, Drew 12
Barrett, Casey 12
Biddle, Clint 12
O'Connor, Andrew 12
Reckinger, Steven 12
Siebens, Aaron 12
Naster, Josh 12

Freshmen BB Roster  
Player Yr.
Carver, Corey 9
Donka, Kyle 9
Dorneden, Frank 9
Ellis, Mike 9
Gordon, Adam 9
Harrington, Josh 9
Issel, Dave 9
Johansen, Jeremy 9
Milo, Rudy 9
Robinson, Doug 9
Schoonover, Matt 9
Scowinski, Derek 9
Sophomore BB Roster  
Player Yr.
Behrens, Mike 10
Belmont, Beau 10
Berkland, Aaron 10
Chavez, Chris 10
Collins, Howard 10
Cotton, Kris 10
Cucitro, Anthony 10
Dimitri, Josh 10
Easto, Ron 10
Hardman, Mike 10
Hill, Josh 10
Kasper, Ryan 10
McDade, Brad 10
Merfeld, Mike 10
Reynertson, Mike 10
Signorella, Tony 10

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